In Memory of Ken Hechler a great West Virginian

Gift Given by Herbert Reid

In memory of Richard Gift

Gift given by Ann Freytag

“Working as a research assistant for LiKEN was one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of my time at UC Santa Barbara.  Not only was I able to see firsthand the amazing work those at LiKEN perform, but I furthermore was able to see what it would take to pursue my dream profession. Each individual from LiKEN that I worked with displayed a drive to make a difference that effectively represents the character of LiKEN. ”  Brooke Moore, University of California / Santa Barbara (LiKEN intern, Fall 2016-Summer 2017)

“Working at LiKEN gave me insight into the inner workings of a nonprofit organization, something I had always wanted to experience. I learned a lot of valuable information through data gathering and writing research reports about a number of concepts, including voting behavior in Kentucky and interest in growing Ginseng by county. I’m extremely grateful for all of the support from everyone at LiKEN who helped me to feel like a part of the organization.”  — Eleanore Melaragno, Sociology, University of Kentucky  (LIKEN intern, Summer-Fall 2017)

In memory of David Frank

Gift given by Deborah Frank

In memory of Barbara C. Eddy

Gift given by Kevin Eddy

In memory of Carl and Mary Taylor

Gift given by Sue Greene

For the “Protect” film… keep up the good work!

Gift from Liz & Chris

In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Gene Debs Reid

Gift given by Herbert Gene Reid

“To hear those stories from across the country, that was amazing. And it also formed great friendships and I still talk to people who were on that caravan and they’re still fighting, doing the good fight. It was great to get that opportunity.”

– Kendra Pinto, Diné/Navajo, Twin Pines, NM