Combating Climate Change

We’ve spoken with over 100 thought leaders across all industries and sectors to understand the most impactful strategies for combating climate change. Here are our findings.

Climate change is, put simply, one of the greatest challenges our modern society has ever faced. And it needs to be addressed now. After many years of shining a light on this crisis, the urgency of tackling the climate change crisis head-on has finally gained consensus and is a recognized goal across the world. But that success doesn’t mean success is guaranteed, as now the challenge is creating agreement and momentum towards successfully implementing necessary actions to mitigate climate change.

Many people will argue that putting the onus on the individual to make personal changes (even sacrifices) is letting off the hook the large corporations and governments who are responsible for the bulk of climate-changing carbon emissions, while others still will advocate for personal responsibility and note that it starts with individual action to make a true difference. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Promoting education and action from a bottom-up and top-down approach is so critical, and each is a vital piece of the puzzle should we collectively hope to succeed in mobilizing towards successful action in the face of climate change.

Climate Change Policy: Bigger Picture Policies

Climate Change Policy: Bigger Picture Policies

Under the banner of a just transition, we’ve seen some great work to develop things like the RECLAIM Act and include in that the value of community participation in planning for the use of public revenues from the Abandoned Mine Land funds. While imperfectly implemented so far, that was the beginnings of a model for the ways in which you could get a region off the addiction of fossil fuels by combining the environmental reclamation money with community empowerment and participation, as well as job creation. We see a great potential for breaking the idea that its jobs vs. the environment by linking grassroots livelihood and job creation with healing from fossil fuel damage.” – Betsy Taylor, Director at Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network (LiKEN)

Source: Ignation Solidarity Network


US Climate Action Network – June 27 – 29

US Climate Action Network – June 27 – 29

LiKENeer Mary Hufford participated in the US Climate Action Network meeting in Spokane, WA. This annual meeting brings together climate advocates from all over the United States to bring grassroots organizations into alignment in order to ameliorate the effects of climate change on the most vulnerable communities. The far-reaching effects of climate change are represented in the 175 plus diverse organizations that make up the network, including faith-based organizations, labor networks, environmental justice communities, and organizations focused on public policy, to name a few.

Displaced by Climate: The Intersection of Science, Law & Policy – June 20, 2018

Displaced by Climate: The Intersection of Science, Law & Policy – June 20, 2018

LiKENeer Julie Maldonado delivered the keynote address at Displaced by Climate: The Intersection of Science, Law & Policy, The Collider, Asheville, NC. National and international climate law, policy, and science experts will gathered to discuss how climate displacement has, and will increasingly continue, to affect the U.S. Attendees had the opportunity to discuss the particular challenges vulnerable communities such as indigenous peoples are facing and how they are affected disproportionately by climate change. Press release:

Just Environmental and Climate Pathway

Knowledge Exchange Among Community Organizers, Scholar-Activists, Citizen-Scientists and Artists

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 | Drury Plaza Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico | Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting 


Julie K. Maldonado, PhD, Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network (LiKEN)

Dana E. Powell, PhD, Appalachian State University, Department of Anthropology


Theron Begay, Oceti Sakowin (NoDAPL) Camp

Mike Eisenfeld, San Juan Citizens Alliance

Lori Goodman, Diné CARE

Lyla June Johnston, New Energy Economy

Kendra Pinto, Greater Chaco Coalition/Twin Pines Community

Kathy Sanchez, Tewa Women United

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