Stories of Place

LiKEN is collaborating with high schools, community partners, University of KY, and Appalshop in story-catching about the special landscapes of the Central Appalachian plateaus—the forests, coves, waterways, and species that shape mountain life. Youth and elders in Appalachia share photos, memories and visions of the future. This intergenerational storytelling catalyzes community involvement in decisions about how land and resources meaningful to communities might be managed collaboratively. In August 2018, “Stories of Place / Martin County, KY” launched, coordinated by Sheldon Clark High School teachers, Nina McCoy (Martin County Concerned Citizens), Ricki Draper (Highlander Center fellow), Mary Hufford (LiKEN Associate Director), and Karen Rignall (UnivKY). 

LiKEN contacts:           
Stories of Place director: Mary Hufford