Appalachian Mother Forest Collaboratory

COVID-19 forced the cancellation of the Appalachian Studies Association(ASA) meeting in March at the University of KY in Lexington. LiKEN had worked hard with many partners in the ASA, over many months, to develop a mini-program on the “Appalachian Mother Forest” — one of the world’s oldest and biologically richest temperate zone hardwood systems.  This forest mini-program was designed to bring together a wealth of perspectives to look at the livelihoods, art, food, fungi, botanicals, biodiversity, watersheds, climate resilience, music, and spiritual values provided by this ancient forest. See our “Appalachian Mother Forest Portal” for more detail on the forums we had hoped to provide for the anticipated gathering of scholars, students, practitioners, activists and artists from 13 states.This effort will be going online, as a series of webinars. Out of this effort, has grown a “Mother Forest Working Group” within the ASA.  Stay tuned for the exciting new projects that are emerging. In our accelerating climate emergency, there will be growing need for the fresh waters, carbon sequestration, economic relocalization and diversification, biodiversity resilience, beauty, and solace that this forest can so lavishly provide.  Contact Mary or Betsy if you’re interested in collaborating in this work.