The Kentucky Environmental Foundation is dedicated to connecting the lines between our environment, health, and economy, creating a sustainable system that incorporates advocating for policies to ensure a livable future for Kentucky and beyond.


In order to reduce overhead and pursue common objectives, the Kentucky Environmental Foundation (KEF) merged with Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network (LiKEN) in February of 2018. This has been an excellent partnership. KEF has maintained its own non-profit status as a 501(c)(3)  tax deductible organization under a Board of Directors who oversee the whole LiKEN network. Any contributions to KEF will be solely dedicated to KEF projects as described on our web page and in our letters of solicitation.


KEF – Progress continues to be made at the Blue Grass Army Depot in destroying the nation’s last chemical weapons storage site. To date almost 65 tons of chemical warfare agents have been destroyed safely. Efforts will continue with strong engagement of the local community led by KEF’s Director being a member of the Governor’s Commission and Co-chair of the Citizens Advisory Board.

KEF is also working with a diverse array of experts and economic development agencies to prevent a downturn in the Central Kentucky economy when the disposal project ends – leaving a significant number of highly trained employees in the region.  

KEF’s Director also sits on the Steering Committee of the “Cease Fire” campaign, a national collaborative working to ban the open burning and open detonation of military conventional weapons and hazardous wastes. Progress in deploying alternative methods for treatment of such wastes has been accelerating on the heels of a National Academy of Sciences Report (directed by Congress due to efforts of “Cease Fire”  identifying safer ways to dispose of these materials.