In March 2020, we suspended our AirBNB hosting.  We began hosting again in August.  However, we will temporarily only accept stays that are longer than 5 days.  Also, we will only book the Limestone Room, so that we only have one guest at a time. 


email to book your meeting today!


We invite you to use our LiKEN Community Building to build community through your civic, scholarly, creative, and social events. The LiKEN House is available to host meetings & special events. From hour-long meetings in the Conference Room to week long events requiring all community spaces and bedroom accommodations. 


“Location was great and the room was perfect for what I needed. Unbeatable price.” – Drew

“Excellent hosts, very thoughtful and helpful. Betsy took me out for groceries on my first day and invited me to dinner near the end of my visit. Sara and Betsy kept askiang me if I needed anything else. I felt like home throughout my stay and I loved it so much that I felt sad leaving. The location is ideal as well. I would gladly recommend it to anyone visiting Lexington.” – Bilal

“Enjoyed the small touches which made the house like a home.” – Christina

“Welcomed me like an old friend they had long been hoping would visit! They were attentive and interested in my participation in a conference, but they allowed me plenty of private time and space. Easy drive to UK from the house. The Daydream room is very small, very affordable, and you won’t find a better space for the price! I was able to roam the rest of the house and the study downstairs.” – Patsy