Melissa Biliter
Administrative Assistant

Melissa Biliter designs and manages digital platforms for data entry and output in LiKEN projects. She is an advocate and facilitator for educational and occupational opportunity who is delighted to join LiKEN, an organization built on core values compatible with her own heart.  Melissa‚Äôs education and experience span a broad swath, from the precision of laboratory tests to the wild spark of small children embracing engineering through LEGO. During her four years in the US Air Force, as an Engineering Assistant, she worked on projects in Bosnia, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, as well as Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina. Creative expression holds a central place, and Melissa enjoys painting, drawing, recreational mathematics, sewing, knitting, and writing. Her family members are charter members of Red Oaks Forest School, and she has also gained certification in Project WET, Project Learning Tree, Project WILD, and Focus on Forests. Melissa lives south of Lexington with her husband, and five children.
Rachel Eppley
Office Manager

Rachel Eppley brings deep values of service and community to the work of LiKEN.  While she was a chaplain at the Nashville Rescue Mission in TN in the early 2000s, she assisted homeless women with a variety of needs including counseling, housing, and social security. In recent years, she developed a unique ability to integrate care-work with practical problem-solving while home-schooling her children and working in a family business. She received her B.A. and M.A. from Lipscomb University in TN where she specialized in theology. Her family has deep, multi-generational roots in eastern Kentucky. Rachel coordinates core systems in the day-to-day functioning of LiKEN and supports the administrative work of the Executive Director.  She ensures the smooth running of the office and helps to improve company procedures and day-to-day operation. She oversees central office functions, supplies, equipment, and maintenance.  She schedules meetings and manages accommodations for lodgers and visitors while they are in the LiKEN House in Lexington, Kentucky. She handles our weekly news bulletins and blogs. Her empathic gifts are helping us to listen to, and to communicate, the diversity of unique and rich stories emerging from our projects.