Sarah Billings

Recently,  Dr. Maldonado and the LiKEN Research Assistant (RA) team based out of University of California, Santa Barbara,  met to discuss progress regarding all of the ongoing projects such as the Land Study in collaboration with Dr. Deborah Thompson. I have been mostly working on the Land Study for the past few weeks. In preparation for the land study project, Hannah Ornellas and I, as part of the research team are reviewing the software required to help code interviews conducted for the land study. We are learning different ways to use it and researching its capabilities. We are working on familiarizing ourselves with the intricacies of the software so that we can optimize its utility in helping organize and understand the study. By assigning specific numbers to words in a systematic way, we will be able to observe trends in the data and further our knowledge as a team. I really look forward to continuing with this project and seeing the final outcome because I find it very interesting to understand how communities feel as a whole, and by conducting and dissecting interviews,  it is a really good way for us as researchers to find out qualitative details about the sentiment of the communities. In conjunction with that, Dr. Maldonado, Hannah and I have a meeting with Dr. Thompson to discuss the Land Study and exchange ideas on how to exactly code the interviews. I look forward to the next meeting and moving along further in the project!